What Intelligence Tests Miss, by Keith E. Stanovich

What IntelligenceThis is the book that has played the biggest role in inspiring the Society for Reality-Based Thinking.  Stanovich demonstrates that standard intelligence quotient (IQ) tests simply do not measure certain mental abilities that are associated with rational thought.  This is why someone can have a high IQ score, and still think, decide, believe, and act irrationally on some matters.  Stanovich also presents his three-part model of the human mind, introducing to the reader the “Reflective Mind”, whose job it is to decide (or not) when to make the rest of the mind keep working a problem until it is solved in a way that maps accurately onto the real world.

This book is written appropriately for a lay audience, and is quite readable, with only short sections tending to be intimidating to the non-cognitive-scientist reader.  It gives several word problems, along with a full discussion of what goes wrong in the thinking of those who miss them.  This is SRBT’s top book recommendation after SRBT founder Jack Pelham’s upcoming flagship book on RBT, which should be out by the end of 2015.

Format options include Kindle, Hardcover, and Paperback. 

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