Jack’s Reading List

Jack Pelham began the Reality-Based Thinking project in Spring of 2012.  In his spare time, he has read nearly 20 full volumes about or closely related to epistemic rationalityEpistemic rationality is what philosophers and cognitive scientists call thinking that deliberately seeks to jibe with reality. Because this term is uncommon and somewhat intimidating to people who don't know what epistemic means, Jack Pelham decided to re-brand epistemic rationality as Reality-Based Thinking, the idea being that people would get the general idea quickly, without the need for as much explanation., and has read significant portions of several other books.

In time, Jack will write a review of most of these works, and will post links in our Store so that anyone may purchase the books through Amazon.com, with SRBT getting a modest commission on the sale.  A few of these are posted there already, along with an early listing for that book that Jack will be finishing later in 2015.  It is entitled Reality-Based Thinking:  How everyone–including you–can think better.

In Jack’s view, this large body of information condenses well into a single volume (his upcoming book) written for the lay person.  The goal is to make people aware of what their minds can do, and to inspire them to learn to do it.  His book, therefore, is designed to become a gateway to many of these other books, which he hopes that SRBT readers will look into.  “Even if they read just one volume each year, people can become considerably more aware and more skilled at being authentic thinkers,” he says.

Here’s the latest picture of the growing stack of books.  This isn’t everything, and doesn’t include the many Internet articles he has read, but this will give you a good idea quite quickly.

Remember, a formal list is in the works and should be posted soon.

Reading Stack