Member To-Do List

Learning and using RBT won’t take the rest of your life, but you will use it the rest of your life.  Our membership program is designed to introduce people quickly to RBT, and then to help them keep it in mind as a regular part of life thereafter.  Also, we want you to be able to take part in spreading the message throughout our society.

The following checklists are something of a do-it-yourself project.  As a member, you don’t have to do anything, of course.  What we’ve listed below, however, is something of an ideal case.  When you’ve finished an item, check it.  If you make a mistake, simply click it again and the check will go away.

COOKIES:  Please be advised that this page uses “cookies”.  When you check an item, a tiny bit of data is stored on your computer, and the next time you come back to this page, your checkmarks will still appear—provided your computer allows cookies, and you haven’t deleted them in the mean time.  Learn more about cookies at Wikipedia.

Getting Started

If you can, and if you’re willing, try to do these items as soon as possible.

Core Reading

This is an ongoing reading list, which you can start immediately with the online articles linked.  As to the books, we’d be thrilled if our members would read even one book a year related to Reality-Based Thinking.

Spreading the RBT Message

 We’ll post some items here shortly.  What we have in mind in particular are promotional items such as bumper stickers, mugs, and t-shirts—anything that can be a conversation starter.  We’ll try out a couple soon to see whether they prove to be popular.