Membership in the Society for Reality-Based Thinking is very simple.   We ask that you do the following things, if you please, and do them at your own pace :

  1. Register with this website so that you can receive email updates when new items (book reviews, videos, etc.) are posted here.
  2. “Like” us on our Facebook page (if you’re a Facebook user), so that you can help spread the message through the Facebook memes that we publish.
  3. Read at least one book per year related to Reality-Based Thinking.  (Here’s our growing list of recommended reading.)
  4. Consider purchasing promotional items when we get them ready.  Things like bumper stickers and t-shirts can really help to spread the word!

Basically, SRBT members do two things:

  1. Pursue Reality-Based Thinking as a sustainable way of life.
  2. Promote Reality-Based Thinking as a sustainable way of life.

For those who’d like to join, we have built a simple Member To-Do List.

Click here to get started!