The Basics

The Society for Reality-Based Thinking is built on five basics.  A brief description for each follows below, with links to pages giving full details.  The descriptions below are quite like those on our Membership Requirements Page, but they have been given short titles to make for convenient conversation.

  1. Cognitive Miserliness.  Like all humans, I tend by nature to be a cognitive miser.  Unless I deliberately invest time and energy into thinking, I will frequently reach conclusions that do not accurately reflect reality.  Read more.
  2. Cognitive Biases.  Like all humans, I am prone to cognitive biases.  If I do not deliberately overcome my biases, I will frequently reach conclusions that do not accurately reflect reality.   Read more.
  3. Mindware.  A basic knowledge of logic, probability, and biases is necessary for me to avoid cognitive errors.  While the human mind is quite capable of grasping these concepts, we are not born with it.  It must be learned deliberately.  And the great news is that one can be great at these things without having a high IQ!   Read more.
  4. The Self Correction Ethic.  When I am wrong, it is my natural duty as a human to correct myself.  Our errors are multiplied out into the world, quite similar to pollution.  The best plan is for each person to correct his or her own errors, just as each one should pick up his or her own trashRead more.
  5. Daring to Care.  It all comes down to whether I choose to care or not.   If I’m going to become a skilled Reality-Based Thinker, I am simply going to have to decide to care about these things.  Otherwise, why would I do the work?  And otherwise, how could I reap the rewards?!   Read more.