What Goes On Here

The Society for Reality-Based Thinking is a casual membership organization (membership is free!) that promotes the useful habit of Reality-Based Thinking (RBT).  The idea is somewhat simple:

A great many problems are caused by thinking that does not jibe with reality.  The best solution, therefore, is for individuals to learn how to think realistically as a sustained habit.

Here’s how we plan to promote RBT:


Educate the public with regard to:

      1. The everyday meaning of realityWhen we say reality, we mean: the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them..
      2. How best to consider the known The known are the things we know already, whether they are correct or not. Part of the process, then, is in reanalyzing what we already believe, keeping the good and tossing out the bad.and the unknown The unknown consists of two parts: the things we just don't know about yet, and the things that we will never be in a position to know. The first is worth doing some searching for, and even though searching for the second won't find us any answers, being AWARE that certain pieces of the puzzle are or may be missing is crucial to Reality-Based Thinking.while thinking.
      3. Lazy mindednessLazy mindedness is the term we use to describe what scientists call cognitive misers. All humans tend not to crank up our higher mental functions as often as we should. The Society for Reality-Based Thinking was formed to educate and to encourage people along these lines. and flawed methodsFlawed methods of thinking--our everyday way of talking about what scientist call cognitive biases. These are schemes, patterns, or methods of thinking that regularly lead to bad conclusions, decisions, and beliefs. of thinking, showing how both cause us to reach conclusions, decisions, and beliefs that are not in keeping with realityWhen we say reality, we mean: the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them..
      4. The basics of logic Logic--a scientific method of drawing conclusions that agree with valid reasoning and with reality.and probabilityProbability -- the likelihood that something will happen..
      5. The Self Correction EthicSelf Correction Ethic -- It is the natural duty of all people to correct themselves whenever they discover that they are wrong..


Convince the public that:

  1. We all tend by nature to be lazy-minded and to fall victim to flawed methods of thinking.
  2. We can overcome this by a little bit of learning and a good amount of diligent effort.
  3. It is worth the effort to learn these things and to correct oneself.
  4. Numbers 1-3 in this category also apply to the individual reader (that’s YOU), as well as to the public at large.


We encourage our members to read excellent books (and other media) that deal directly with the topic of Reality-Based Thinking.  We have gathered several such titles into our  store, and profits from these sales will go to build the society.


We may develop a discussion forum once we have a substantial number of members.


Members are encouraged to promote the Society, as well as Reality-Based Thinking itself.  To help with this, we provide many different items in our store.  Conversation starters such as bumpers stickers, mugs, t-shirts, etc. can make it much easier to introduce friends and family (as well as strangers) to RBT.  Probably even more important than this sort of promotion, however, is the simple act of “liking” and “sharing” on our Facebook page.  And one more thing—being an authentic RealitanRealitan--a person who deliberately “lives in” reality as a sustained way of life; more specifically, a devoted and authentic practitioner of Reality-Based Thinking. is a much more effective way of promoting RBT than is just talking about it.

Learn how to become a member here.